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Animals are like us; all very different, with different needs and tastes.   Thus, we have a wide range of products.   We do everything they tell us to meet their expectations and those of their humans.

All our beds, pads and blankets are made of high quality fabrics, used in the furniture industry.  They are strong, very resistant to mechanical damages.  At the same time they are easy to maintain.  All our fabrics are machine washable. They also come with the added benefit of being fur repellent - It is enough to pass your hand over the surface and the hair goes away.

Cosy Pad

For those who like to cuddle sometimes and stretch other-times. We have designed a Cosy Pad which can turn into a basket.   Depending on the mood of our animal and its habits the Cosy Pad can be easily adapted.  

Sofa Cover
Extra Furniture Protection
Flat Pad
Circular or Square

For those who like to have more space we offer reversible square or circular pads in various sizes/colours.  They provide comfort to the animal and satisfy the human desire for aesthetic objects at home.  
The external part is closed with
a hidden zipper.  

Covers & Cushions
Cosy Accessories
Buoy Pad
Super Comfort


Designed to satisfy the needs of bigger and heavier dogs.  The external part is equipped in  high quality zipper and velcro.  It makes it easy to remove all cushions  for cleaning or transportation

Memory Foam Pad
Extra Comfort

When it comes to sharing a sofa or armchair with our animals, things can get complicated…   
In order to share a place with your animal, we propose the Sofa Pad.  It assigns a specific place, while at the same time satisfies the animals desire to be right next to us.  It also provides extra protection to furniture by being waterproof. 

For those who like to hide or snuggle we have an assortment of warm blankets that can be added to any pad, mattress or bed.  Our animals like to rest their heads on a cushion or cover themselves in a blanket just as much as we do. Being light and portable our blankets are also the perfect place for your dog to rest when they are travelling with you.

For our senior animals we propose  reversible  pads with a memory foam mattress inside. These mattresses  offer extra comfort and make it much easier for our pets to get up as they desire. They are also perfectly adapted for younger animals and puppies.  
The external part is closed with a zipper.  Inner mattress is made of memory foam. 

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